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Company ABN signed a dealership agreement for the supply of BRADY

Company ABN signed a dealership agreement for the supply of BRADY

26 августа 2014, 20:34
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ABN Company is pleased to announce the commencement of sales of BRADY brand products. Dealership agreement was signed in July of this year. Our managers have already been trained and are ready to present customers the most advanced portable printers for marking cable systems, cabinets and industrial equipment.

The range of ABN Two models of thermal printers:
• Printer BMP21-PLUS
• Printer BMP71

For printers we offer a wide range of consumables in the form of labels with fixed lengths or in the form of continuous tapes (ribbons).
Thermal printing technology is transferring ink from the ribbon (ribbon) on the label material with the help of instant spot heating ribbon at points of contact with the marked material. Applied in such a way labels are extremely resistant to external factors, does not fade and cannot be erased. This type of printing allows a wide selection of desired properties labels: abrasion, chemicals, temperature, humidity, etc.

Products BRADY solves all problems of labeling:
• Identification in manufacturing
• Marking in workflows
• Layout and zoning of premises

A wide range of materials and sizes of labels allows you to create the following code: for cables (stickers, shrink markers, labels, tags, security marking, warning stickers); for cabinets; for SCS and data centers; general purpose; for warehouse, laboratory and common-known identification.

Источник: Компания АБН



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