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GK IEK on IEAS 2014: among its own partners

29 октября 2014, 23:29 2349 Время чтения ≈ 1 мин

IEK Group summed up the participation in one of the most representative trade shows in Europe - International Electric & Automation Show (IEAS) 2014. The exhibition is traditionally held in the Romanian capital Bucharest, and collects all the colors of the European electro technical market.

This year IEAS was held for the tenth time, on this occasion, the organizers tried especially to make it information-rich and as comfortable as possible for participants. GK IEK is no stranger among the European giants, this exhibition is the third of its "exit" in Europe. Exposure of IEK was far from "foreign" visitors: many experts have come to the exhibition specifically to interact with company representatives, learn about new products, get advice.

GK IEK adequately presented the products from the Russian manufacturer. Much interest was paid to the large volume of products IEK® of different directions: fuse-switch-disconnectors of TAPs AVDT32M type, VA88 breaker, voltage regulator SNI, color cable channel, KMP and KMI contactors, fuse PPNI, valves for CIP. As it turned out, especially the Romanian market is waiting for a novelty in the range of modular hardware - Single-breaker 1P + N.

It was nice to know that many visitors have heard of IEK, studied the catalog published in English, or is engaged in installation of products IEK®. Among the active and interested visitors were experts of Romanian design and installation organizations, and representatives of commercial enterprises.

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