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Nexans’ Direct Electrical Heating systems selected by Statoil for the Kristin and Maria fields

9 декабря 2014, 20:23 2051 Время чтения ≈ 2 мин
Источник: Nexans

Statoil, on behalf of Wintershall, has signed a contract with Nexans for the supply of Direct Electrical Heating (DEH) technology. The DEH riser will connect the Kristin and Maria fields in the Norwegian Sea with the Kristin platform, ensuring the constant flow through pipelines.

The delivery, worth approximately €13 million, will replace an existing DEH riser cable from the Kristin platform. The new riser cable will connect the Kristin platform with a subsea connection box, and will contain four cores to enable the operation of one DEH line to the Kristin field and one to the Maria field.

Direct electrical heating (DEH) is a flow assurance method used on many pipelines. The method is based on controlling the temperature on the pipeline by passing electric current (AC) through the steel wall of the pipeline, thus preventing hydrate and wax formation. At more than 300 meters depth, the water is just above zero degrees Celsius.

In addition, Nexans has been awarded a subcontract by FMC Technologies for a dynamic control umbilical system for the same project.

Floating platforms like Kristin feature a riser system containing flexible production lines, water injection lines, gas injection/lift lines, umbilicals controlling the subsea templates and electrical cables for heating the pipelines.

Dirk Steinbrink, Senior Vice President High Voltage & Underwater Cable Group at Nexans, said, “The award of both of these contracts highlights Nexans’ expertise in subsea cables and Direct Electrical Heating systems."

Krister Granlie, Executive Vice President Hybrid Underwater Cables, added “Nexans is pleased to be working with Statoil and Wintershall on this project. We are looking forward to continuing our long standing relationship with Statoil.”

Production of the DEH riser will start during autumn 2015, with delivery taking place during second quarter of 2016.

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