Sevcable has presented its elaborations in the Center of import substitution and localization

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On September 10th on the base of Lenexpo the ceremony of the opening of the Center of import substitution and localization took place in St Petersburg. On the idea of organizers the center must become a regular active show-room for Russian enterprises, which are able to represent competitive products instead of foreign ones.

Governor of St Petersburg Georgiy Poltavchenko, who took part in the opening of the center, drew attention to the fact that the project didn't appear by chance. Three years ago there was set a task to support domestic producers within the bounds of the government order. As the governor emphasized, the center was founded on the base of St Petersburg's enterprises, but a lot of other regions of Russia responded to the invitation to take part in it.

The group of companies “Sevcable” presented its elaborations in the Center of import substitution, in particular, Cabtron® cable with ethylene propylene rubber isolation. The serial output of Cabtron® was mastered for the purpose of substitution of foreign cables which till 2014 didn't have any analogues at Russian market.

Today Cabtron® is irreplaceable in volatile zones, mines, at chemical plants and oil refineries and in regions with low temperatures, too. The construction of Cabtron® doesn't require any extra protection from moisture, that is why the cable can be used in damp soils and it is especially actual for the North-West regions.

Cabtron® cable and other novelties were presented to governor of St Petersburg Georgiy Poltavchenko and as a result products were recommended for use during realization of projects of jurisdictional enterprises.

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