Director of JSC EKZ Sergei Sitko participated in a meeting with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

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On February 28 the Director of "Electrocable" in Kolchugino "Sergei Sitko participated in the meeting with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Alexei Meshkov. The meeting was organized by the Governor of Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova.

Vice-Governor Mikhail Kolkov also participated in the dialog, heads of departments of the regional administration, the Legislative Assembly and a number of large enterprises and organizations of the Vladimir region did not miss it.

Vladimir industrialists told about the production and foreign trade activities of their companies, competitive advantages of their products and the existing problems with the customs duties on imported high-tech equipment and raw materials. Customs duties are really important problem for cable operators , especially in the production of fiber-optic cable . By 2015, the customs duty on imported finished products in Russia will be zero. At the same time, the customs duty on components (optical fiber modules , fillers , etc. ), though reduced , but in any case continues. It means that the production of competitively priced Russian cable would be virtually impossible.

The meeting also discussed the problem of competition with substandard counterfeit of foreign products , import questions .

The Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov informed the participants about the support of local entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their economic interests in international cooperation. "The Russian president gave a direct order to fully support the embassies Economic Relations Russian enterprises ", - said A. Meshkov .

The Governor of the region Svetlana Orlova appreciated the result of the meeting .

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