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Tomskcable today and tomorrow

5 марта 2015, 23:12 2203 Время чтения ≈ 3 мин
Источник: ООО Томсккабель

Today "Tomsk Cable Works" is one of the leading factories manufacturers of cable products in Russia. Despite the young age of the company (in September 2015 the company celebrates its 15th anniversary), plant stands firmly on his feet and safely gathering pace of production. The market situation in the country does not interfere with ambitious plans for the future and "Tomskcable" is ready to go according to plan.

At present, the list produced by the plant cable products has more than 50,000 different sized, and it is not the limit. All products comply with all interstate and state standards of the Russian Federation, introduced in the period from 2012 to 2014. 2015 is scheduled to release a long list of new unique and popular products on the Russian market, included in the framework of the program on import substitution. "Tomskcable" is working closely with the large industrial enterprises of Russia to develop new cable products for individual performance specifications, as well as on the development of unique products of foreign manufacturers.

At production the company is set at 100% control of materials with advanced technological sampling and testing of physical and mechanical properties, 100% phase-control of semi-finished products during the passage of the process chain from manufacturing wire production to the finished product. In the manufacture of cables "Tomskcable" uses polymer materials, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Specialists are constantly monitoring the latest developments in the field of polymer materials for cables and wires are in close contact with leading software companies’ materials.

JSC "Tomsk Cable Plant", recognizing the difficult situation in the country and in the market of cable products, continues the process of expansion and renewal of the cable equipment with modern and high-tech. In the near future installation of a fleet of equipment will be held at the plant: two drawing machines firm Euroalpha (Italy), two extrusion lines of Maillefer, double twisting machines single firm Pourtier (France) to lay control cables, installation and management of up to 61 or 44 pairs of veins. Today, it is ready to launch three hoses Spirka companies (Germany) for the production of cables with a diameter of 5 to 65 mm and a spiral machines for applying armor on cables up to 25mm diameter.

The company pays a lot attention to the close cooperation with higher education institutions of the city of Tomsk. As part of the previously signed contract with Tomsk Polytechnic University and Tomsk Polytechnic College "Tomskcable» has not only added highly qualified specialists to the staff of the enterprise, but also is collaborating in R & D and participates in competitions for the FTP.

Hard times require bold decisions and "Tomskcable" follows this principle! It is always open for cooperation and will be glad to see you among our partners!

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