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"Teplocom" and "Rosseti" Holding agreed to cooperate on innovative energy saving

13 ноября 2014, 18:07 2228 Время чтения ≈ 4 мин

JSC "Rosseti" and CJSC "Teplocom" Holding signed an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of energy efficient innovative technologies based on domestic developments in the enterprises of the electric grid complex of Russia. The agreement was signed at the first International Forum electricity RUGRIDS-ELECTRO, which takes place in Moscow from 15 to 17 October, and was organized by the "Rossetti". Planned investments in infrastructure modernization of Russia's largest energy company and the world will be 15 billion over five years. The agreement covers the objects located in the Southern, North-Western, Siberian and Urals Federal District.

Document was signed by First Deputy General Director for Technical Policy Roman Berdnikov and CEO of the "Teplocom" holding Andrey Lipatov.

The purpose of the Agreement is to develop long-term and effective cooperation, including the following areas: innovative energy saving based on domestic developments; creation and expansion of services aimed at reducing operating costs at the facilities of "Rossetti"; introduction of solar collectors on power with the prospect of their production on the production capacities of the Holding "Teplocom"; building systems «Smart Grid» based on innovative technical solutions "Teplocom" Holding; introduction of automated system of commercial accounting of energy consumption (ASKUPE).

Under the agreement, "Teplocom" offer partners a cost effective solutions for reducing the consumption of fuel and energy (electricity and heat, hot and cold water) at the production facilities of subsidiaries and affiliates of "Rosseti" - Interregional Distribution Grid Companies "Volgograd" "Chelyabenergo", "Novgorod", "Kolenergo", "OmskEnergo" - as well as providing a range of works to reduce energy consumption of buildings and the administrative and domestic production and economic purpose and organization of the service, repair and diagnostics of energy-saving systems.

"In the current conditions in Russia upgrading network infrastructure, on the one hand, is essential to the existence of people and cities, and on the other - will be a driver of development. Qualitatively, the functioning of network infrastructure - high-tech, cost-effective, providing maximum opportunities for communication and organization of labor - are the key to the formation of high-quality living environment for residents. To do this, you must ensure their safety and consumer confidence. Demand in the country projects to build "smart" networks can not be realized without the joint efforts of government and business, - General Director of Holding "Teplocom" Andrey Lipatov said. - A key advantage of the Holding Company is an integrated approach in the implementation of large-scale projects: in one person, we advocate an investor, developer of technical solutions and their performer. Successful experience in implementing programs are aimed at reducing energy consumption in Russia and the CIS, is a guarantee of reliability for such a large partner as "Rosseti".

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