In Pskov Region cable production is enlarged

In Pskov Region cable production is enlarged

13 сентября 2015, 19:11
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In Pskov Region three more investment projects got support of the regional administration. One of them is an increasing project of the cable plant Alur. Applications from organizations were considered on August 19th at a recurrent meeting of a regional investment commission which was carried out by deputy governor of the region Sergey Pernikov.

“The project of the cable plant “Alur” will be able to claim exemptions on property taxes and profit from the sum enrolled in regional budget”, a representative of the administration said.

The project of the cable plant “Alur” suggests building of the second part of the complex of cable production of different marks and sizes. Today production buildings and warehouses have been built, wiring of systems and equipment has been started. Work with full production capacity is going to be started in the first quarter of the next year.

As Pskov Agency of Information said, the volume of investment expenses is about 330 million rubles.

During the realization of the project an existing assortment of cable products will be enlarged and the volume of production will be increased, too. Launching of new equipment will allow to produce  about 3,5 thousand tons of copper weight of cable products a year.

As it was explained in a regional committee on economic development and investment policy, for manufacturing enterprises in Pskov Region in 2016 a property tax rate of organizations will be 1,9 % instead of 2,2 %. In the first quarter in 2015 14 industrial enterprises got tax benefits on the total sum of 16,6 million rubles.

Источник: RusCable.Ru

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